Nomination Signatures

Download Nomination Paper

Help Michael appear on the ballot to challenge Glenn Grothman on November 3rd!

A minimum of 1,000 physical signatures are required to qualify for the ballot, from April 15-June 1. That is only just over a month!

With the Safer-at-Home order we are forced to get creative. Normally, we would host events and canvass door to door to reach the signature goal. If you live in the 6th district, or know someone that does, we need your help.


  1. Download and print the official Nomination Paper.
  2. Electors Section
    • Sign, date, and address in the Elector section.
    • Do not leave any box empty.
  3. Circulator Section
    • *After all signatures are gathered*, sign and date as the Circulator on the bottom.
    • If the Circulator date is earlier than any signature date, it will not count. It can be the same date as the last signature, but not earlier.
    • Example - The Elector signatures are dated from April 15-17. The Circulator dated the bottom section on April 15, it is wrong and will not count, it needs to be done last and dated April 17 or later (in this example).
  4. Mail completed paper to: People for Beardsley, PO Box 301, Oshkosh, WI 54903

No printer? No Problem!

We would be happy to mail you form with a pre-paid return envelope! Click the button below to sign-up.

Mail Nomination Paper

We will get a form in the mail ASAP for you to complete and return.

Requirements to sign: US Citizen, at least 18 years old, and reside in the 6th district.

You can verify your address by entering it at the site here:

wisconsin 6th congressional district oshkosh fond du lac sheboygan manitowoc ozaukee green lake winnebago dodge waushara marquette

Example Completed Form