• Single-payer
  • Free at the point of service
  • No deductibles, no premiums, no co-pays, no networks, no confusion
  • Choose any doctor you'd like
  • Includes medical, dental, vision, hearing, emergency, mental health, and more
  • Cap on pharmaceutical costs each year
  • According to recent Yale study, we would save $450 billion a year and prevent 68,000 unnecessary deaths

Environment & Sustainability

  • Green New Deal (H.R. 109)
  • Achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, 40 to 60 percent by 2030
  • Investing in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing, as well as clean, affordable, and accessible public transit and high-speed rail
  • Create millions of high-wage jobs
  • Introduce a Carbon Tax (H.R. 763)
  • Cost and impact will be devastatingly higher with inaction


  • Ensure farmers have the Right to Repair their own equipment
  • Protect farmers from predatory patent lawsuits from seed corporations
  • Reform federal subsidies to go to small and mid sized farms instead of disproportionately going to the largest producers
  • Current food system accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions- help farms of all sizes transition to sustainable agricultural practices
  • Enforce the Clean Air and Water Acts for large factory farms to ensure proper oversight of pollution


  • Place a 1.5% cap on student loan interest - public or private loans
  • Increase funding to K-12 public schooling
  • Set a starting salary floor for public teachers
  • Stop tying federal funding to standardized testing
  • End public school funding via property taxes and equally fund per student- funding through property taxes results in unequal funding for schools that need it most
  • Expand after-school programs

Rural Communities

  • Ensure high-speed broadband internet access
  • Raise minimum wage and tie to productivity for future growth (it would be at $24/hr today if it stayed tied to productivity since 1968)
  • Stop consolidating rural schools and start building rural schools that can access and utilize distance learning opportunities
  • Incentivize cooperative business models and utilities- food co-ops, credit unions, and farm co-ops
  • Compensate farmers for improving ecosystems
  • Invest in public transportation to better connect residents and provide access to jobs, schools, medical facilities, shopping, recreation, and more

Voting Reform

  • Automatic voter registration at 18
  • Full automatic Vote-by-Mail
  • Expand early voting hours and locations to reduce election day lines
  • Ranked choice voting
  • Abolish the Electoral College
  • Overturn Citizens United
  • End Gerrymandering

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Pass the Emmett Till Antilynching Act (H.R. 35)
  • Marijuana record expungement
  • Restore voting rights for felons
  • End for-profit private prisons
  • Independent investigations and prosecutions for police killings
  • Demilitarize police
  • Require police budgets to bear the cost of misconduct, not being able to use the general fund
  • Establish a community oversight committee

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