Other Priorities

Key Points

Below is a non-exhaustive list of additional policies I will advocate for. This page will continually be updated and filled with further detail.

Basic Income Guarantee

  • Capitalist solution to social issues
  • Base payment per month with cost of living multipliers based on congressional district
  • Provides economic relief and stability
  • Your tax dollars coming directly back to you - providing tangible value
  • Incentivizes entrepreneurship
  • Allows you to decide how to cover your basic needs

Public Transportation

  • Fully electric national high speed rail network
  • Increased funding and grants for local and regional electric bus and rail systems


  • Fully legalize for recreational use and remove penalties for possession
  • Record expungement
  • Support the SAFE Banking act to allow state-licensed marijuana businesses to have access to banks and financial institutions
  • Will join the Cannabis Caucus
  • Support medical marijuana use and research
  • Provide agricultural biodiversity and increased tax revenue for marijuana and industrial hemp

Minimum Wage

  • Increase gradually to $15/hour by 2024
  • Tie to productivity for future growth

Parental Leave

  • Join the rest of the world in providing a federally mandated parental leave
  • Minimum of 12 weeks

Net Neutrality & Internet Rights

  • Reinstate Net Neutrality protections
  • Classify internet as a utility, akin to water and gas
  • Oppose the EARN IT act attempting to make end-to-end encryption illegal

Women's Rights

  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Protect and enforce Title IX
  • Pass the updated Violence Against Women Act
  • Oppose efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade

Additional Policies

  • LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Pro-union / Pro-people
  • Peace-First Foreign Policy
  • Automatic Basic Tax Returns
  • Save the Postal Service & Postal Banking
  • Modernize Beer Distribution Laws